The Revival of the Abbey

Since Montecassino had been destroyed, Abbot Diamare found accommodations in Rome at Saint Anselmo on Aventino, headquarters of the international university boarding school and of the Benedictine Abbot primate. The Abbot gave orders from here to his monks displaced in San Paolo Fuori le Mura, Farfa, Perugia and Assisi, returning to everyday life but always with a clear objective of returning to Montecassino.
In fact, on March 31, 1944, the Abbot with a few monks were able to return to the dioceses and on March 15, 1945, Abbot Diamare laid down the first stone for the reconstruction of Saint Joseph, a temporary dwelling for the monks next to the Abbey. He was not able to see his Monastery reconstructed since he died a few months afterwards.
During the 15th centennial of the birth of Saint Benedict, the Abbey promoted various spiritual, pastoral and cultural initiatives, inaugurated during the pastoral visit of John Paul II on May 18, 1979. He was welcomed by all of the abbots and abbesses worldwide during his second visit on September 20, 1980. During this visit the Holy Father meditated on the meaning of the place where he was, defining it as small point of Europe where the evangelic adventure of western monasticism began.
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