The hall is dedicated to the original sketches of the Neapolitan school artists from the 17th and 18th centuries. These were displayed as drafts before doing, in a bigger dimension, those of the baroque basilica completely destroyed during the bombardment of 1944. Altogether these sketches document almost all of the collection of artworks shown in the original basilica reflecting the ability of the painters who worked in the Abbey time after time.


Francesco De Mura: (1696 -1782) did some of the artwork for the Monastery and generally those allocated in the S. Bertario chapel. Among the sketches we remember: The Judgment of Solomon, The Tribute Money, Abbot Bertario receives Lothario, Communion of Lothario, Bertario rebuilds Cassino, The priests purify themselves before offering sacrifices, Gregory dictates the Dialogues.

Luca Giordano: (1634-1705) the painter is particularly remembered for the artwork done on the central archway of the original Abbey with depicting Saint Benedict's life. Among the sketches several are note worthy: Saint Benedict crying about the destruction of Montecassino, The Consecration of the Desiderius Basilica in 1071, Benedict and Totila, The Miracle of Flour, Desiderius in prayer, Benedict frees a slave, Desiderius renounces the papal banners, Benedict indicates the abbatial chair to Desiderius, Benedict on Pietro's Navicula, Vestings of a monk.

Sebastiano Conca: (1680-1764) the painter was the author of the canvas allocated in the Pietà Chapel and that of Saint John in Montecassino. Among the sketches we can find: The Birth of the Baptist, Washing of Feet, Saint Benedict's Last Communion, Mercy (Attestation), Jesus in the Garden, Flagellation.

Paolo De Matteis: (1662-1728) deeply influenced by Luca Giordano painted the ten half-domes and other paintings for the Chapter. Among the sketches: Tobiolo Oils His father's Eyes, Assumption of the Virgin, Consecration of the Abbey in 1729 (not done).

Giuseppe Cesari: (1568-1634) known as the Cavalier of Arpino realized several artworks for the Monastery among which were the sketches for the choir, Theological Virtue.

Francesco Solimena: (1657-1747) Luca Giordano's pupil, realized some sketches of which Herod's Banquet, The Baptist's Beheading, Saint Mauro heals the Sick, Vestings of King Ratchs.