The monastic community of Montecassino uses its own economic resources to sustain the internal life of the community, to invest in needed projects to improve the experience of the vast pilgrims, and the visitors of the House of St. Benedict. We also are dedicated to the numerous persons in need of our charity. If you would like to offer a contribution in anyone of these areas, you can use the box dedicated to the Donations at Liberty.


You will have to describe in the blank space the motive of your donation.

- For the necessity of the monastery and its internal and external activities.
- To sustain the formation of a young monk.
- For charitable works of those in need.

If you desire to have a Holy Mass offered for a loved one or for a living family member or friend, you can use the space provided below for the offering a Holy Mass. From there you can choose which type of Mass you would like to have offered, as was mentioned above. Please describe the intention in special place provided.

If one desires to indicate the monastic community of Montecassino in one's own Testimonial of will, you can receive more information regarding the latter by writing to the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Donations at Liberty

Choose this option in order to make a donation. please leave the reason of your donation in the special blank space provided.

Holy Mass Offering

Choose this option in order to have a Holy Mass offered. Please leave your intention in the special blank space provided.